YiBF – July 29th 2015

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of ICAST

Ken Duke ICAST 2015

Ken Duke’s Good, Bad & Ugly of ICAST 2015

Ken Duke, possibly our favorite voice in the fishing industry (sorry Kumar, you’re a close 2nd), of Fishing Tackle Retailer, gives us a colorful recap of the ICAST 2015 trade show. Always entertaining and rarely void of a unique perspective, Duke’s Good, Bad and Ugly of ICAST 2015 summarizes some of the more prevalent feelings of attendees and brings to light many of the issues most won’t say.
Here are few brief excerpts that caught our attention.
On Media Attendees:

I didn’t see many of the “GoPro-on-a-Stick” media types at this year’s show. To me, that means ASA’s plan of charging media to attend in order to eliminate some of the folks who really don’t have meaningful outlets is working. With fewer “illegitimate” (GoPro-on-a-stick) media on site, it’s easier for buyers and “real” media to get time with the exhibitors. I like that. And if you’re a media person who wants to complain about the fee, I have to wonder how resourceful you are regarding your business. If that fee is the difference between your attending or not attending, you need help with your business — not the fee.

On Exhibitors Final Day Participation:

There were about 500 exhibitors on the floor this year and the vast majority was breaking down with more than four hours left in the schedule. Key people were already on planes headed home … or to the Orlando theme parks.

Duke is spot on with both of these insights and many more he makes in his article on Fishing Tackle Retailer.

Check out the entire post here: Fishing Tackle Retailer – The Good the Bad and the Ugly of ICAST 2015

Frogs… ehhh, not again!

Sorry! We did have a lot of Florida and frogs posts yesterday, we know. But, we just wanted to remind you about an awesome annual tradition, the Snag Proof Open. This year, Snag Proof is holding three frog only tournaments starting this weekend – August 1st and 2nd – on the California Delta. The past few years Snag Proof has made adjustments to their tournament rules limiting the acceptable lures to just their frogs and banning any “unnatural” modification. Why guys wanted to fish the frog as a chatterbait in the first place is beyond us, but now that’s no longer an issue.
Here’s a listing of the three events:

  • California Delta: 8/1 – 8/2
  • Upper Chesapeake Bay: 8/23
  • Guntersville: 10/3

You can sign up on their website – Snag Proof Open Tournaments Entry
And be sure to check out Monster Fishing Tackle for all your Snag Proof Frogs

Rapala’s Social Media

Rapala Lures Social Media
Founded in 1936, Rapala is one of the original tackle manufacturers and is responsible for some of the most iconic lures to date. Despite their storied history, Rapala isn’t resting on their laurels, no, in fact, they are constantly making strides to keep up with today’s technologically advanced industry. Their immense popularity for their products aside, Rapala has quietly become one of the more outstanding social media marketing case studies in recent times. The release of the Shadow Rap and all the marketing and promotion efforts surrounding its introduction was nothing short of amazing. Tapping into their immense catalog of media relationships, they struck gold with one of the most newsworthy campaigns in recent memory utilizing mystery and intrigue that create genuine interest within the fishing world.

They’ve continued to deliver subtle, “share-worthy” social media campaigns that often poke fun at cultural references, other tackle companies and, at times, even themselves.

We just wanted to give kudos to those behind these efforts.

Follow Rapala on Facebook to see why we’ve spoken so highly of their efforts: Rapala Lures Facebook

Bassmaster Elite at St. Lawrence

Lake Ontario Rough Water

Lake Ontario Wind Storm

Sandbaggers. That’s all we have to say. Sure, the fishing might now be 22lbs a day good, but there’s no way the fishing is as bad as the anglers are reporting. Remember, in 2013, Brandon Palaniuk made crazy runs of 200-plus miles each way to and from Lake Ontario leaving him with only a few hours to fish each day before heading back. His 22lb average over the course of the four day event was good enough to outpace 2nd place finisher Jonathan VanDam by nearly 7lbs.

This week however, may be a different story. The weather is going to be a lot worse than in 2013 with forecasts calling for precipitation mostly on the first day of the event, but the real kicker is the 12 – 20mph sustained winds expected during the first three tournament days. The first half of the run should remain manageable until anglers hit the unforgiving open water of Lake Ontario. From there, it’s likely to be brutal no matter how well these guys drive their vessels, and they are the best. Anglers choosing to take this route will likely experience spine jolting waves and miserably navigable trenches that are equally dangerous as they are time consuming.

Guess we’ll find out who has the marbles to venture out there. We’re betting Palaniuk is one of those guys.

Can you imagine being the camera man in the boat when an angler tells you he’s taking a 200 mile trip to fish in 7 foot rollers for 90 minutes…

Ooooh… Ahhh…

Deps Bullshooter 160 in new U.S. Colors. Pic: @optimum_baits #deps #swimbait247 #swimbaitunderground

A photo posted by Swimbait Underground (@swimbaitunderground) on

Dang! The Deps Bullshooter 160 is looking pretty, pretty, pretty… pretty good!
Has anyone else noticed the trend away from big trout baits and more toward bluegill baits? Sure, the Deps Slide Swimmer 250 and GanCraft Jointed Claw 303 are big time sellers, but the really good bluegill baits just fly off the shelves lately.

Looks like some of the tackle companies are learning how specific their big trout market is and how difficult it is to join Deps and GanCraft in that market.